About AB&T Telecom

AB&T Telecom is a division of the AB&T Companies, in business since 1963. For over 50 years, AB&T has been working in electronics and technology products and services. Today, AB&T Telecom functions as the technology solutions arm of the AB&T Companies.

Our role is to construct telecommunications and technology solutions for small, medium, large businesses, government customers and then deliver those solutions efficiently through a network of technology partners. Although we’re a small company, we work with hundreds of partners nationally and globally to deliver our solutions to the customer. While large companies only prioritize lucrative deals and/or opportunities that serve as perks, here at AB&T Telecom, we depend on each opportunity no matter how large or small.

AB&T Telecom’s competency focuses on the telecommunications core of technology solutions. Time is money and AB&T is the only place to get all your telecom needs. Whether it’s mobile phones, internet or moving your technology to the cloud, AB&T Telecom will make sure you don’t waste your valuable time going elsewhere. We are partnered with various carriers around the nation/globe so regardless of the location or budget, let AB&T give you the confidence to find the right solutions for ALL your telecom business needs.

Do you hate talking to internet and phone providers? Are you less knowledgeable than you would like to be about Telecom? Don’t worry, we will do all the work for you. You will never call during business hours and hear a voicemail. We turn around simple requests within minutes and call the user or agent right away to set expectations for more complex quotes. No machines, no automated messages; just happy, knowledgeable people helping you to make & save money.

With opportunities for training, numerous resources at your fingertips and a family like AB&T Telecom to take care of you, you will never have to be hesitant about understanding your purchase or sell again. With the only end to end cash flow platform in the industry, agents willing to come aboard can rest assured that their opportunities are being tracked from the moment they ask for a quote until they have received their last recurring commission check. With over 50 years of experience in the Telecom Industry, we treat our customers and agents the way we’d like to be treated. Some of our employees have been here from the beginning and once you give us a call, you’re family! For a complete history of AB&T please click on our “History” button in this website.

To partner with AB&T as a solutions partner, please fill out the Partner Application form or give us a call at 301-948-8161. To inquire about AB&T services as a Customer, please fill out the AB&T Customer Inquiry Form or call us at 888-939-1100.